1.  Pork smoked meat with cream sauce, seasonal salad and zatar, €8 (allergens: lactose, sezam)
  2.  House žlinkrofi with beef, pumpkin foam and roasted bacon, €16 (allergens: lactose, gluten - wheat, eggs)
  3.  Homemade cottage cheese štruklji with breadcrumbs and butter, € 11 (allergens: lactose, gluten - wheat, eggs)
  4.  Ravioli with spinach and ricotta, cream sauce with ginger, lemon and hazelnuts with dried tomatoes €16 (allergens: lactose, gluten – wheat, eggs, nuts)



  1. Mushroom soup, €6(allergens: lactose, wheat – gluten, celery)
  2. Beef soup, €5 (allergens: gluten – wheat, celery, eggs)



  1. Lamb crowns, baked potatoes with vegetables, €30 (allergens: lactose)
  2. Duet of beef and venison fillet, homemade cottage cheese štruklji, roasted vegetables € 30 (allergens: lactose, gluten-wheat, eggs)
  3.  Gypsy plate (pork, chicken, beef, boiled potatoes, spicy sauce) €25 (allergens: lactose, gluten-wheat)
  4. Happy board (lamb, beef fillet, pork carre and chicken breast in Parisian style, fried potatoes, roasted vegetables), €32 (allergens: gluten – wheat, egg, lactose)
  5. Rib eye steak with baked potatoe €35 (allergens: lactose, eggs, mustard)
  6. Chicken fillet with porcini mushrooms and homemade potato dumplings €20 (allergens: gluten – wheat, eggs, lactose)
  7. BBQ spare ribs sous vide (cooked for 10 hours at 70°C with vegetables, then baked in the oven with potatoes), 27€ (allergens: mustard, soy)
  8. Chicken nuggets, French fries, €10 (allergens: gluten – wheat, eggs)
  9. Jaegerschnitzel (Viennese schnitzel with mushroom sauce), fried potato wedges, €17 (allergens: lactose, egg, gluten – wheat)
  10. Quesada de pollo (grilled chicken strips with roasted vegetables, nacho cheese, tortilla, sour cream), fried potato wedges, salad with dressing, €17 (allergens: lactose, gluten – wheat, mustard)
  11. PEZDIRC PLATE (2x Viennese chicken steak, 2x chicken steak with cheese, 2x beef Patty, 2x pork steak with mushrooms, homemade potato rolls, fried potato wedges, homemade cottage cheese štruklji, vegetable side dish), €32 (€16 per person) (allergens: lactose, wheat - gluten, egg)32 (allergens: gluten – wheat, eggs))





  1. Trout file  from Rožni Dol, butter potatoes with young spinach, sauce with parsley and garlic €20 (allergens: fish, lactose)
  2. Grilled squid, butter potatoes with young spinach and sauce with parsley and garlic, €18 (allergens: molluscs, lactose)
  3. Fried squid with fried potatoes and tartar sauce, €17 (allergens: molluscs, gluten – wheat, lactose, mustard)
  4. Stuffed squid with prosciutto and cheese, butter potatoes with young spinach, sauce with parsley and garlic, €20 (allergens: molluscs, lactose)
  5. Octopus with baked potatoes, tomatoes, capers and basil, €30(allergens: molluscs, lactose)
  6. SQUID PLATE(3 pearsons) (fried, grilled and stuffed squid, fried potatoes, boiled potatoes with mangold, tartar sauce and sauce with parsley and garlic), €50 (allergens: molluscs, gluten – wheat, lactose, mustard)




  1. Burger Leon (100% beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, homemade sauce, French fries, onion rings), €9,00 (allergens: gluten – wheat, lactose, egg, sesame)
  2. Burger Zala (100% beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, homemade sauce, French fries, onion rings), €10.00 (allergens: gluten – wheat, lactose, egg, sesame)
  3. Burger Šokec, double lettuce, double cheddar cheese, roasted bacon, cucumber, homemade sauce, French fries, onion rings), €12,00 (allergens: gluten – wheat, lactose, sesame)


  1. Salad plate with grilled chicken strips and house dressing, seasonal salad, nuts,  €12 (allergens: nuts, mustard, egg)
  2. Salads: lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, combined, seasonal, salad bar, € 4,5



  1. Chocolatino with pear sorbet € 6 (allergens: gluten - wheat, lactose, eggs)
  2. Blueberry štruklji with vanilla cream and cinnamon, €6€ (allergens: gluten – wheat, lactose, egg, nuts)
  3. Fried ice cream with fruits and whipped cream, €6€ (allergens: lactose, egg)
  4. Belalava with pistachios and vanilla ice cream, €7 (allergens: gluten – wheat, lactose, egg, nuts)
  5. Queen of desserts (taste all 4 desserts), 14 € (allergens: gluten - wheat, lactose, eggs, nuts)





Soup to warm you up

  1. Vegan mushroom soup, €6 (allergens: gluten – wheat, soy)

Main course

  1. Corn noodles with soy cream and mushrooms, €17 (allergens: soy)
  2.  Gratinated vegan cottage cheese strudels with soy cream, vegan gouda, cherry tomatoes and chia seeds in a hot pan, €17 (allergens: gluten – wheat, soy)
  3. Sancho tortilla with fresh baked vegetables, vegan spread and salsa with French fries and salad with selected topping, €17(allergens: gluten – wheat, mustard, soy)
  4.  Wheat schnitzel, asparagus sauce, baked potatoes with vegetables, €18 (allergens: gluten – wheat, soy, mustard, celery)
  5.   Vegan burger (ajvar with mustard, vheat schnitzel, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber), French fries, ketchup, €12 (allergens: gluten – wheat, mustard, celery, soy, sesame)

Something sweet

     1. Stuffed vegan dumplings with blueberries, raisins, soy cream and nuts, cinnamon ice cream and forest fruits, € 8      (allergens: gluten - wheat, nuts, soy)




 All prices are in euros and include VAT. The price list is valid from February 1st, 2024.