The cuisine is present in our family for a long time. It started in family Ancelj, on my mother’s side. Micka, my grandfather’s sister, was the best cook far and wide in the years after the World War II. Then the cooking was done at home and aunt Micka was cooking on every wedding and party. Her work was continued by my grandmother Zala who passed her knowledge to my mother Mihaela.

Regarding the restaurant the story begins like this: in 1979 my father Mirko and mother Mihaela opened a buffet in one part of the house. It was an ordinary day and I came home from school, I think it was in 1984. I ask my mother what do we have for lunch and she answered that today there is no lunch. I looked at her in astonishment. She explained to me: “I have sold the lunch to four hungry gentlemen.” Every next day there was someone hungry and my mother had to buy a bigger pot that finally we were all full.

Due to the need for the food offer the buffet was not sufficient anymore and my father and mother enlarged the rooms and the restaurant came out. All years they worked “from morning to morning”, widened the restaurant and the meal offer.

In the restaurant today we can receive up to 200 guests and their work is continued by me and my wife Ela. Our restaurant is a family restaurant but of course we also have some employees who are with us for more than 10 years. I am a cook by profession and work as a waiter, my wife is a waitress and works as a cook. I am very interested in wines therefore I finished school for a wine counsellor or sommelier. I can firmly assure you that no else can compare to our profession. We are never bored, we find in cuisine new and new challenges and innovations that we offer our guests with gladness and thus treat them more.

Andrej Pezdirc