Arabian night of cuisine and culture

On Saturday, 11 February 2012, we organised an Arabian night of cuisine and culture in Restaurant Pezdirc in Semič.

During an almost five hours long feast we served the guests with 6 courses of typical Arabian dishes. One of the dishes was a lamb which is a popular dish of Bela Krajina people, too. The tasting menu was prepared by Jožef Oseli, a member of French cuisine academy, under the leadership of chef Ela Pezdirc and we also served the wines of a renowned winegrower Malnarič - Nampel from Semič.

Marko and Marija Stelner presented Razor falcon that is regarded as the best hunting falcon in this part of Europe. The guests could listen to kadura playing while the special guest of the night was belly dancer Taissha who among other acts danced with a 3.80 m long and 25 kg heavy python.