Trips around Semič

All Semič’s cultural, natural and historical attractions are close to the restaurant and easily accessible. Short footpaths lead to the Roman well Lebica, to the renowned parish church of Saint Stephen from 1228, to Bela Krajina museum and winegrowing collection. Pleasant paths lead to the karstic cave Malikovec and hunting lodge on Smuk.

Those who are sportier can walk the karstic educational path where they will in some hours of easy walk visit the pilgrim church of the Trinity on Vinji vrh, the unique source of river Krupe and archaeological findings near Judovska hiša cave. For the bravest the Mountain educational path is suitable which leads to the higher part of the Semič county toward Mirna gora (1048 m), past Planina and abandoned villages in Kočevje region to Gače. All the attractions mentioned can also be visited by bike or by horse yoke!

For persistent sportsmen there is a paragliding take-off on nearby Smuk (546 m) and there are possibilities for hunting, fishing, boating, mountaineering, potholing and diving!

We organise the following excursions for groups in Restaurant Pezdirc:

  • Tasting of Bela krajina wines in a domestic wine cellar
  • Canoe ride and picnic by river Kolpa
  • Hike on the karstic educational path
  • Visit of Bela Krajina museum