Semič wedding

Restaurant Pezdirc is a regular partner in tourist event Semiška ohcet (Semič wedding) that takes place in Semič every second Saturday in July.

Semič wedding is the mean traditional ethnologic event in Semič community. It is a real wedding of newlyweds according to old Bela Krajina traditions that is kept alive by folk band Semiška ohcet and Tourism society Semič.

At the event the folk band shows the wedding ceremony from “begging” when the bridegroom comes asking bride’s parents for her hand in marriage to the transport of trousseau and “šranganje” accompanied by the mischiefs of wedding guests. A special feature of Semiška ohcet folk band is music: accordionists and players playing on ivy leaf. The accompanying activities are: performances of other folk bands from various parts of Slovenia, cuisine exhibitions and picturesque demonstrations of old farm chores and crafts. Then follows the wedding in registry office and in parish church, then reception of the bride in the bridegroom’s home and the wedding feast late into the night.

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