River Kolpa

River Kolpa is a river in Bela Krajina with a flattering name “the longest Slovenian Riviera”. It is the most south running Slovenian river and one of the cleanest and the most intact rivers in Slovenia. The water in summer reaches very high temperatures (up to 30°C) and is thus suitable for swimming and canoe, kayak or raft ride.

The river is very rich in fish and other animal species many of which are rare and protected. It gives the most beautiful adventures to groups or family and recreational vacation that you can afford in organised camps. River Kolpa is the main value of Kolpa Regional Park.

In Restaurant Pezdirc we organise the canoe rides and picnics by river Kolpa. At the same time we will serve you Bela Krajina cuisine and wine and an open heart of Bela Krajina people.

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