Bela Krajina attractions

Bela Krajina is a peculiar border region, the land of white birches and ferns, of white costumes, diverse wine hills and rich folk tradition. Here people still weave linen, make embroideries and other products of cottage industry. In the summer river Kolpa invites you to its riverbanks and in the winter ski slope Gače (newly Bela) invites you to its slopes. Vinska vigred in Metlika is dedicated to wine and winegrowing and Jurjevanje in Črnomelj is a greeting of spring. A peculiar experience is a wedding in Semiška ohcet in Semič where the real weddings take place according to old wedding traditions and Bela Krajina dishes are served. The piglets spin, there are chicken and pork roasts and Bela Krajina žlikrofi on the table and also a luxurious wedding potica, flancati and prsna potica are not missing.

Bela Krajina museum and Slovenian firefighter museum in Metlika introduce you to history. Lahinja Regional Park is due to numerous phenomena typical for shallow karst an extraordinary juncture of natural and cultural heritage. A true ethnological feature is village Veliki Nerajec which is also the centre of the park and a starting point of many footpaths. A peculiarity of wine-growing Drašiči is a neighbourhood of vineyard cottages, a former wine bank where the visitors are introduced to tradition of wine producing and folk customs that have been preserved till today.

Typical for Bela Krajina are preserved traditions and typical feasts like: Bela Krajina šara of yellow kohlrabi and beans, žlikrofi, brewed štruklji filled with cracknels, Bela Krajina sarma with glavina and čmari – filled gizzards. Also typical is povitica filled with pumpkin and hemp seeds, gibanica and pogača, potato potica, fruit bread, string beam with sour milk, Bela Krajina fritter, lamb with buckwheat porridge, sheep steaks, šinkelj baked in dough and roast goose. In the rich Bela Krajina cuisine there is also a renowned Bela Krajina matevž prepared with a lot of garlic and big cracknels. A special treat in this region’s cuisine offer is certainly a roast piglet or lamb that is nowhere else made as crunchy as here. Among wines metliška črnina (Metlika red wine) is distinctive but also noble Blue Frankish, žametna črnina and many white wines from Pinot Gris to Muscatel are served.

At Christmas poprtnik must not be missing from the table – renowned Bela Krajina Christmas bread formed liked a loaf decorated with shapes on the top.